Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium Multijurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Project
Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium Multijurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Project


Please be advised that the MMBP has secured funding to run one Accelerated (AS) Stream Pilot. The assessment for this Pilot is beginning now for program delivery in January 2013. Interested applicants click here to be directed to the AS Pilot Information page. The timeline for assessment is very condensed so act quickly if you wish to submit your application.

MMBP Application Portfolio

After reading the information below, you can click here to access the MMBP Application Portfolio.


NOTICE - January 2012: The Application Portfolio is currently closed to users who have not Finalized (applied)

The process used to assess applicants for the MMBP is currently undergoing review, and it is anticipated that changes will be made to the Application Portfolio this spring, including changing, removing and/or adding questions. During this period, the Application Portfolio will be inaccessible to users who have not finalized (applied). It is hoped that the application process will resume in the summer of 2012.

While efforts will be made to retain/transfer as much of the Application Portfolio information as possible, users may be asked to provide some information again in a new format once the application reopens.

Please contact the MMBP Office if you would like more information.


Useful Information

To apply to the MMBP, you must fill out the internet-based MMBP Application Portfolio.

The MMBP Application Portfolio will ask you to provide information about:

  • your midwifery and other education,
  • your midwifery clinical experience,
  • your prior midwifery registration (if applicable), and
  • a description of your current midwifery practice.

The MMBP Application Portfolio also collects information about your English language fluency and other relevant topics.

It will take you approximately 50 to 70 hours to fill it in completely as you are creating a full portfolio of your career as a midwife. This time includes all related work such as gathering documents and information, filling in the application, obtaining photos, getting translations and notarizations, and finding references.  Once you have set up your application account, you can complete it over a number of days and/or weeks.

After you complete the MMBP Application Portfolio, you will be required to print a copy, sign it with notary as witness, and mail it to the MMBP office.

You will also need to send and have others send evidence of the following to the MMBP office:

  • your midwifery education,
  • your midwifery experience,
  • your identity, and
  • references related to your good character and professional conduct.

Due Dates

The MMBP’s application and admissions processes are currently undergoing evaluation and review.  Please be aware that there will likely be changes made to these processes over the next few months and applicants may be required to provide additional or different information.  Further information will be provided as it is available.

Cost to Apply

Basic MMBP Application Portfolio: $300 

Accelerated Option Portfolio: $300 basic plus $500= $800

Everyone must complete and pay for the basic application;

The Accelerated Option (AO) portfolio is more detailed and requires more in depth assessment. Successful AO applicants may be able to complete the MMBP up to five months earlier than those in the regular stream. To find out if you are eligible to apply to the AO click here.


To view the MMBP Application Portfolio and set up an account, click here. You can return to this page for more information about applying at any time.






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