Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium Multijurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Project
Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium Multijurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Project

MMBP Academic Program

Please be advised that the MMBP has secured funding to run one Accelerated (AS) Stream Pilot. The assessment for this Pilot is beginning now for program delivery in January 2013. Interested applicants click here to be directed to the AS Pilot Information page. The timeline for assessment is very condensed so act quickly if you wish to submit your application.

Pre- requisite Courses - Online and In Person
Offered through Mount Royal University

To facilitate student success, the Multi-jurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Program (MMBP) stipulates that MMBP participants meet the following requirements before beginning the MMBP core midwifery phase :

  • Have access to a computer and personal email address.

  • Provide evidence of knowledge of the Canadian health care system.

  • Meet the maximum required English language test score, or qualify for exemption from language testing, as outlined in English Language Requirements.

Pre-requisites can be completed before applying to the MMBP, or after being assessed. Pre-requisites must be completed before starting the MMBP core midwifery phase.


Orientation to Canadian Health Care System, Culture and Context - Course for Internationally Educated Health Care Professionals

The Orientation to the Canadian Health Care System, Culture and Context is designed for internationally educated health professionals who are in the process of becoming licensed in Canada. This 30-hour course will provide learners with a deepened understanding of the Canadian health care system, describe what Canadian patients expect from their health care providers, and discuss how to communicate with patients and caregivers. Participants will have an opportunity to meet other newly arrived health care professionals in a supportive learning environment in either a classroom or online format.

Please contact the MMBP office for more information.

Evidence Required for Exemption

You do not have to take Orientation to Canadian Health Care if you:

  • Passed a similar course within the last five years that was Canadian in scope, and covered at a minimum: federal and provincial roles in healthcare, roles and collaboration of different healthcare professionals, patient/client expectations, work safety, privacy, and other relevant legislation and expectations. A course transcript direct from your institution is required as evidence.


  • Successfully completed a Canadian education program for a regulated health profession in Canada within the last five years. A course transcript direct from your institution is required as evidence.


  • Worked as a regulated health professional within Canada for at least 8 months of full-time practice, or equivalent part-time work, within the last ten years. A letter from your employer or equivalent, stating dates of employment, full-time or part-time status, profession and role for this employer is required as evidence.


English for the Health Sector

MMBP participants or potential applicants who have not yet acheived the level of English required for application to the MMBP or entry into the MMBP Core Midwifery Phase are highly encouraged to complete a health-sector specific English language course to improve their English language test scores.  There are limited English language courses offered across Canada to help  internationally educated health professionals advance their level of health profession English (test scores)  sufficiently  over a short period of time.  While not specifically developed for midwives, the following courses are available and recognized by the MMBP.

Professional Communication and English for the Health Sector Course Offerings

1. Communication Skills for Health Professionals (CSHP)

          A. Mount Royal University, International Education

This interdisciplinary in-class course is being offered in Spring and Fall terms 2012 on the MRU campus. The performance based curriculum includes the University of Toronto "Orientation to Canadian Healthcare System, Culture and Context" course and language assessment through the Institutional CELBAN. Funded seats are available for applicants with Permanent Resident status.

Click here to find course information and how to apply. A program brochure is available at the Mount Royal University website.

The course is delivered 5 days a week, 13:00-17:30.
Spring Term: April 3 - June 27, 2012
Fall Term: September 6 - November 29, 2012

For additional information about this course, contact the CSHP Program Coordinator, Karen Dodge, at 403.440.5125 or via email:

2. English for Nursing - Level I of the Bridge to Canadian Nursing (BCN) Program (Alberta North, in Edmonton and Alberta South, in Calgary sites)

This is a series of four in-class courses offered in one semester to Internationally educated nurses (IENs) at the Mount Royal University in Calgary and Edmonton. To assist  MMBP students to enhance their language skills in the health sector and prepare them for the MMBP Intensive I, MMBP students may enroll in Level I BCN courses offered in the fall and winter semesters.

The four courses are offered in-class, 12 hours/ week over 14 weeks to internationally educated nurses to improve workplace communication through interactive in-class format. Emphasis is on the enhancement of reading, writing and speaking skills, using nursing and Canadian health-sector language. To take these courses students must have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 6, and be educated outside Canada as a registered nurse.  Internationally educated midwives will receive special permission to register in these courses when accepted into the MMBP.

Click here for more information on the Bridge to Canadian Nursing English courses.

3. English for Health Tutorials- Online

Internationally educated health professionals now have access to an online, independent learning system to strengthen their health-sector English language skills. There are three health-specifc tutorials to choose from: English for Nursing, English for Health, and Nursing Picture Dictionary. Demonstration exercises are available on the website.

Go to to register. Continuous intake.

Fee: $80 + GST for 30-day access or $175 + GST for 90-day access to each tutorial.

4. English for Nursing Purposes- Red River College, Winnipeg, MB

This course develops specific language skills for training in the nursing field. This advanced level program will target the vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing competencies that are commonly required in nurse-training programs.

There are no tuition costs for landed immigrants (permanent residents, convention refugees and new Canadian citizens).

For more information email:


Program Overview

1. Students must complete the following before entry into the MMBP:

  • Meet the MMBP requirements for English language fluency and Orientation to Canadian Health Care.

2. Students must complete the following before starting a clinical placement:

  • Obtain certification in adult and infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) from acceptable certification programs.  MMBP candidates that reside in Canada should be able to obtain certification close to their home city.  

  • Obtain a student membership with the midwifery regulatory body for the province or territory of your assigned clinical placement if required.

  • Requirements vary by location.  There may be other requirements that students are responsible for such as a criminal records check or immunizations. There are fees associated with all of the above which are not included in MMBP tuition fees.  More information will be provided when students are admitted into the program.


Program Content

More information about the theoretical and clinical programming that will be offered to MMBP participants will be coming soon.



Tuition for the Accelerated Stream Pilot will be $4000 (Canadian Funds).  Fees for future offerings of the Regular and Accelerated Streams are being evaluated.

Please see above for additional costs for Pre-requisite Courses.


Tuition includes: 

In-class instruction, materials, lab supplies

Distance education and on-line instruction

Tutor support


Clinical placement


Tuition does not include: 

Textbooks (if required)

Computer skills and English literacy courses

High speed Internet access

Telephone charges

Personal computer or MAC

NRP certification

Evaluation re-takes

Liability insurance

Membership with jurisdictional regulatory body (ie CMBC)

Transportation or accommodation to intensives or jurisdictional placements

Relocation costs






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