Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium Multijurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Project
Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium Multijurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Project

MMBP Accelerated Option


Please be advised that the MMBP has secured funding to run one Accelerated (AS) Stream Pilot. The assessment for this Pilot is beginning now for program delivery in January 2013. Interested applicants click here to be directed to the AS Pilot Information page. The timeline for assessment is very condensed so act quickly if you wish to submit your application.

The MMBP’s application and admissions processes are currently undergoing evaluation and review.  Please be aware that there will likely be changes made to these processes over the next few months and applicants may be required to provide additional or different information.  Further information will be provided as it is available.


Eligibility Requirements for MMBP Accelerated Option (AO)

*Eligibility Requirements Updated October 2009

Candidates seeking midwifery registration in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and the Northwest Territories, who meet the following eligibility criteria, may apply for entry to the MMBP’s Accelerated Option by submitting a basic MMBP application and an expanded AO application portfolio.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Evidence of clinical experience[1] over the past five years as follows:

a. 60 births attended as a midwife [2]
b. 30 (0f 60) births attended as a midwife providing continuity of care

c. 40 (of 60) attended as primary midwife [4]

d. 10 (of 40) births attended as a primary midwife in an out-of-hospital setting
e. 10 (of 40) births attended as a primary midwife in a hospital setting


All of your eligible clinical experience must have happened in either:

• A jurisdiction or jurisdictions where midwifery is regulated


• A Canadian province or territory in the two years before midwifery became regulated


• A situation in which practice is overseen by a recognized organization

2. Evidence of a high level of English language fluency via exemption from language testing.
Or achievement of a required English language test score for completion of MMBP program and eligibility to take CMRE (see basic entry criteria for list of acceptable tests and scores required).


3. Evidence of knowledge of the Canadian health care system: obtained either by having passed an acceptable course on this topic, or having experience working within the Canadian healthcare system and having been granted exemption from taking a course by the MMBP.


4. Evidence of having the competencies required for general or full registration as set out in the Competencies for Canadian Midwives and as required by the province or territory to which the applicant has applied. [5]


5. Evidence of having maintained competency in evidence-based midwifery practice.

[1] This is equal to the Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium requirements for full registration used for reciprocity of registration between Canada’s provinces and territories

[2] Includes as a midwifery student as part of her midwifery education program

[3] Continuity of care shall be deemed to have been provided to an individual woman and her newborn when one midwife, or student of midwifery, has attended a minimum of seven visits (including both prenatal and postpartum visits), the labour, and birth with that client.  Equivalency to continuity of care, where visits with various clients are counted, is not acceptable.

[4] Primary midwife is defined as a midwife who, in her practice or as part of her education program, is the most responsible care provider for a woman during the intrapartum period. Such responsibility would normally include conducting the delivery of the newborn, and managing the third stage of labour, unless there were clinical indications for transferring care to a physician.

[5] Applicants with minimal discrete competency gaps may still be allowed entry if the assessors believe that these gaps can be addressed in the short time available in the accelerated program.


This Accelerated Option is designed to:

• Ensure that those who successfully complete this option are competent and ready to practice in Canada
• Acknowledge the skills and abilities of experienced midwives who meet the Accelerated Option criteria, and support them in moving forward to registration without requiring them to take the educational components of the MMBP that they do not need
• Prepare AO candidates to sit the Canadian Midwifery Registration Exam (CMRE) and an emergency skills exam after a short period of orientation in the MMBP

*We anticipate that IEMs with current experience working in a midwifery model similar to that in Canada will benefit most from this option.

Accelerated Option Process

1.  An AO candidate must first apply to the MMBP using the regular MMBP Application Portfolio
    • accessible through the How To Apply page

2.  An AO candidate must also submit an expanded portfolio to provide assessors with enough verifiable information to judge whether or not they meet the clinical experience, competency and other requirements

    • the Accelerated Option Guide  provides detailed instructions and information about creating this AO application portfolio. (The AO Guide is also available via the Support page and Step 12 of the MMBP Online Application.)

    • the AO application fee is $500 

3. An AO candidate will then be invited to take part in an interview with assessors and have an opportunity to answer questions about her portfolio and confirm that she likely meets the competencies for general registration or has minimal discrete competency gaps as compared to the Competencies for Canadian Midwives.

4. Once admitted to the MMBP, the AO candidate will attend “Intensive I” and pass key identified components.

5. After successful completion of the intensive, the AO candidate will address any additional discrete competency gaps that may have been identified.

6. Eligibility to take the CMRE and an Emergency Skills Examination is then granted.  A jurisdiction-specific module must also be completed by a deadline provided by the provincial regulator.

Understanding the Clinical AO Eligibility Requirements

Click here (*coming soon) for a flow chart that will walk you through the midwifery clinical experience requirements for the Accelerated Option.

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